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We are a nonprofit, Christian-based organization running on community donations. You can depend on The Pregnancy Center's 22 years of  experience for practical as well as emotional support. Through our counseling, you'll be able to get some clarity on whether or not you should go through with your pregnancy. Call us at 580-254-2805.


We conduct Christian-based concert fundraisers in spring and golf tournaments in the fall. We're not here to push an agenda, but just to provide the right direction should you require help sorting through your options or simply want to share your hesitations and concerns.

We respect your wish to maintain confidentiality with your pregnancy tests. Visit us for a FREE pregnancy test in Woodward, OK.


Understand that we do not provide medical services but can refer you for medical help if you need assistance.

Earn credits from enriching classes for expecting mothers and fathers. Use these credits to purchase maternal assistance and baby products.


Our training staff will help pregnant women make important decisions about whether to keep their baby or not.

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