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Motivational Parenting Classes for Expecting Moms and Dads

Irrespective of whether you're eager for the arrival of your baby or not, you need to be prepared for what's to come. The Pregnancy Center conducts classes for expectant parents and those who already have children. To better suit your requirement, our classes are individualized based on your current status and needs.

Accumulate credit points from parenting classes

Our highly informative classes help you earn credits while you learn the ins and outs of parenting. The more classes you attend, the more credits you earn to purchase maternal assistance and baby products given by other members of our community.

Donated items from the local community

Depend on our 22 years in the business to help you with practical solutions whether you're already a parent or soon to be one. We even offer services to those who have lost custody of their baby or children.

Earn credits

by joining our

"Earn While You Learn" drive for

maternal assistance.

If you are residing in Woodward, OK, call us now to learn more about our classes

on pregnancy.

Committed support for child custody

• Diapers

• Clothes

• Car seats

• Strollers, cribs

• Breast pumps

• Formula, etc.